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Specialties editorial Rebecca Holdsworth

“We look for medicine to be an orderly field of knowledge and procedure. But it is not. It is an imperfect science, an enterprise of constantly changing knowledge, uncertain information, fallible individuals, and at the same time lives on the line. There is science in what we do, yes, but also habit, intuition, and sometimes plain old guessing. The gap between what we know and what we aim for persists. And this gap complicates everything we do.” Atul Gawande, (Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect Science)

Rebecca Holdsworth, Specialities Editor 2014-15
Hippocrates statement about medicine, ‘The art is long, life is short, opportunity fleeting, experiment dangerous, judgement difficult’ struck a chord with me. Never before have I been an editor or written anything like this, but I think I have realised, as I am getting to the end of medical school that life is too short and it’s important that I reach out of my comfort zone and try something new. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time being specialties editor and would recommend it to anyone. I have been able to learn from the student articles and it has inspired my own research too. Over my five years at medical school, I have discovered that if you want to work in a certain specialty, it is important to get involved now because opportunity is fleeting and life is short. Despite Hippocrates saying this 460 BC, it still rings true today. A lot of hard work from the contributors has gone in to making this edition; I hope you enjoy reading the specialties section.

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