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Ingenious Spark

I-spark is the “ingenious spark”, a concept that captures the essence of the work we want to promote.  In our minds there are six i-elements to the ingenious spark: informative, intelligent, innovative, inspiring, intrepid, imaginative.

Academic-Magazine: we are a peer-reviewed medical journal, thus we select for work that is informative, intelligent and innovative. We are also a magazine that focuses on the human element, thus we select for work that is imaginative, intrepid and inspiring.

1. Informative: Excellent quality information, with high level of evidence.

2. Intelligent: Demonstrates higher order thinking, logic, reason, strategy and insight.

3. Innovative: Ideas and invention.

4. Imaginative: Creativity, thought and vision

5. Inspiring: Shining a light on positive achievements and role models.

6. Intrepid: Stories that show courage and endurance.


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