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Intravitreal Injections for Retinal Diseases

ABSTRACT In recent years, retinal diseases have increasingly contributed to the global burden of visual impairment. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy (DR) and retinal vein occlusion (RVO) are the most prevalent conditions under this category. The fundamental basis of pathology involves oedema of the macular region and neovascularisation that eventually leads to irreversible loss of central vision. A mitogen ...

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Surgical Intervention in Acute Stroke

  ABSTRACT Stroke is the second leading cause of death globally, accounts for 11% of all UK deaths and is also a leading cause of permanent disability in survivors. Early recognition of symptoms, strong medical infrastructure and pathways, and inhospital medical treatment remain the backbone of stroke management, but increasingly acute stroke patients benefit from surgical interventions. Evidence and guidelines ...

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Neutropenic Sepsis: A Preventable Death?

Neutropenic Sepsis: A Preventable Death? Yashvi Vijh   Neutropenic sepsis is unfortunately, a too often fatal complication of various anti-cancer treatments; the greatest risk of which arises from cytotoxic chemotherapy [1]. Its incidence is majorly concerning, due to the condition’s potentially life threatening nature [2]. The incidence of Neutropenic Sepsis after invasive myelosuppressive chemotherapy is between 70 and 100 per ...

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Are changes in synaptic proteins associated with amyloid beta deposition in transgenic mice and with dementia states in man?

Are changes in synaptic proteins associated with amyloid beta deposition in transgenic mice and with dementia states in man?  By Johanna O’Connor   Abstract Research into dementia is necessary to aid the development of diagnostic tools as well as treatments and preventions for this debilitating condition. Several causes for dementia have been proposed and the amyloid cascade hypothesis is the ...

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Health: The Latest WMD in Syria

Health: the latest WMD in Syria   The continued destruction of a once proud and beautiful country enters its sixth year and the challenges the healthcare profession has had to endure in this unique warzone have been profound. There are many aspects that influence healthcare policy and provision in times of war; from the socioeconomic to the political, however what ...

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Novel Approach to Primary Headache Disorders

  References Tab 2 content Bibliography Andlin-Sobocki, P. J. (2005). Cost of disorders of the brain in Europe and US. . 1-27: Eur. J. Neurol. . Ferguson AV, S. W. (2003). The orexin/hypocretin system: a critical regulator of neuroendocrine and autonomic function . 141–50 : Front Neuroendocrinol . Goadsby PJ, E. L. (1993). The trigeminovascular system and migraine: studies characterizing ...

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First LIME editor

My time as editor was a really great experience. It expanded my mind and helped me to develop skills and contacts that I would otherwise not have gained. LIME came about during a conversation my friend and mentor. Having successfully run our surgical society he and I planned to create a new medical journal for undergraduates. It has been several ...

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