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Health: The Latest WMD in Syria

Health: the latest WMD in Syria   The continued destruction of a once proud and beautiful country enters its sixth year and the challenges the healthcare profession has had to endure in this unique warzone have been profound. There are many aspects that influence healthcare policy and provision in times of war; from the socioeconomic to the political, however what ...

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Review. Misoprostol vs Manual Vacuum Aspiration For Incomplete Abortion In Low Resource Settings.

Full article:LIME-Misoprostol Review Abstract Objective: To conduct a literature review of studies comparing the safety, efficacy and viability of the drug misoprostol in comparison with manual vacuum aspiration for the treatment of incomplete abortion in low resourced settings. Methods: A literature review was the selected method used to compare the treatment options for incomplete abortion. An online search was conducted ...

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Brazil’s Response to HID/AIDs. A Transferable Success?

This is an article that investigates whether or not strategies employed by Brazil, to combat HIV/AIDs, are successful. It explores the barriers and debates whether or not the same tactics could be suitably applied to other developing countries with problems of rising incidence and prevalence of HIV/AIDs. Please click on the link below to read more!  Full article: Brazil-HIV-article-pdf  

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