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Does a laparotomy provide the best outcome for preterm infants with a median gestational age of <30 weeks with surgical necrotising enterocolitis?

The article aims to assess the relative risks and benefits of necrotising enterocolitis treatment in preterm infants through laparotomy, as opposed to other existing interventions. As prenatal and perinatal care has drastically improved over the last few decades, as has survival of neonates delivered preterm. The sequelae therefore, is that an increased number of necrotising enterocolitis cases are being seen ...

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Should We Screen for Lung cancer?

Screening is the primary method used in secondary disease prevention (the prevention of disease progression once it has been contracted). In a utopic existence, screening would be cost- and labour-free and available to all citizens so that disease never progressed to be sufficiently threatening. Utopia not existing, we therefore had to develop a schema by which the appropriateness of screening ...

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